Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that provides new socks to homeless shelters, and non-profits that focus on and primarily serve the homeless population, all across the United States. Aside from the obvious health benefits of new socks for the homeless, our mission is one of Comfort.

Every step of a homeless person is a painful step. New Socks are a powerful way to show someone going through the most difficult time in their life they are loved. Come and help us give comfort, health and hope.

Comfort Socks recognizes that sock drives encourage kindness and purpose for young and old alike. Part of our mission is to inspire others, so that the comfort these socks bring can be enjoyed soulfully by the provider and recipient.

We are working so hard to make new socks available to the homeless of America.

Won't You Help Us? - We Welcome You to the Comfort Socks Family.

Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul.

    Comfort Socks